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mono 1.6


mono 1.6






Best Module Award Winner - Add the fastest layered navigation system for PrestaShop

Merchant Benefits

Fully Responsive
Easy Installation with Tutorials
HTML5/CSS3 code
Cross-Browser Compability


Types of available research: Multi-criteria
Multi-layered navigation
Search by step
Instant search
Predefined search optimised for your SEO

Hooks availables: Home (hook home)
Top of page (hook top)
Left column blocks (hook leftColumn)
Right column blocks (hook rightColumn)
Custom place (anywhere on your site)

Each search engine can be configured with precision: Quick presentation (size, rich editor, backgrounds, margins ...)
Advanced presentation (CSS editor built-in with syntax colors)
Display number of results before starting the search
Dynamic criteria
Search criteria reminder
Search criteria conservation over navigation
Sort order preferences of search results
Display only a selection of categories or products

The most accomplished layered navigation addon for PrestaShop: SEO optimised page generator
Search in stock products and combinations
Compatible with specific prices rules
Uses its own indexes tables for better performance
Research on the mainstream product selection (filter mode)
Search by price range (dynamic cursors)
Multi-criteria searches
Multi-layered searches
Translation management
Multi-instances by hook (you can add several search engines on a single location)
Advanced CSS editor with syntax highlighting
Share search results
Automatised re-indexation after product alteration, doable by cron task and manualy per search engine