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Website Maintenance and Support for Small Business

Business owners should run businesses not websites.

Internet technologies and trends change and evolve every day and it is simply not possible for a business owner or manager to be 100% dedicated to their business and also pay attention to all of the changes in internet technology. Our support services ensures that your business website stays up to date, protected and ready to evolve with the next best trend in the market.

The ongoing success of your business is dependent on ensuring that someone is looking after your business website as much as someone is looking after your real world business. The Start Company provides a range of business website maintenance and support services for small business that can be used as a complete outsourced tech department or as a supplement to the talent existing on your current team.

We understand small business and your budget and can customize an option to meet your budget and needs. All of our business website maintenance packages include the following:

Regular Updates. By regularly updating your business website with the latest plugins and code we help you ensure that your visitors will receive a consistent experience no matter how much, or how fast, internet technology changes. Your company’s online presence is strengthened by knowing that you have a working business website that is being backed up and maintained.

Security and Backups. we produce offline backups for our clients to ensure that precious business information is never lost.

Easy Updates. All of our maintenance plans include our ability to quickly implement changes for you to your content or structure of your website at any time. We give business owners the assurance that no matter what content needs to be added or taken down in a hurry, Paygate can be your on-call quick fix provider.

Support Services. Some businesses are not as far up the technology ladder as others. We help you level the playing field, with The Start Company as a partner, you can have expert technology support at your disposal whenever you need it. There is no room for guessing when your business is on the line.

Contact us to create a custom website maintenance or support services package that will meet your small business needs.

Jun 25, 2014